posterOn the occasion of the celebration of the  80th anniversary of the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), the Center for Mathematical Modeling is organizing between November 5 and 8, 2019 a French Latin-American Conference on New Trends in Applied Mathematics, to be held at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of University of Chile.

The conference includes various topics related to the fundamental and strategic areas of the center.


Honoris Causa
On November 5, at 6:00 p.m., Prof. Antoine Petit will receive the Doctor Honoris Causa distinction from University of Chile.

WARNING: There have been phishing attempts (by phone and email) claiming to arrange hotel bookings for conference participants. If you get anything of the sort –if it is clearly not from us–, please don’t accept any of it.

Plenary Speakers

  • Eric Bonnetier,  U. Grenoble-Alpes, France
  • Raimund Bürger, U. Concepción-CMM, Chile
  • Jean Dolbeault, U. Paris-Dauphine, France
  • Fabien Durand, U. Picardie Jules Verne, France
  • Patrick Gérard, U. Paris-Saclay, France
  • Yoshiharu Kohayakawa, U. de São Paulo, Brazil
  • Salomé Martínez, U. Chile-CMM, Chile
  • Sylvie  Méléard, École Polytechnique, France
  • Claudia Sagastizábal, U. Campinas, Brazil

Organizing committee