8th International Conference on Multiscale Modeling and Methods

January 8, 2018




The multiscale analysis of heterogeneous structures is actually an important and effective tool of mathematical modeling in physics, technique and biology. The mathematical theory on the up-scaling (passage from micro-scale to the macro-scale) called homogenization appeared in early seventies of the XXth century independently in the USSR, France, Italy, USA and USSR. Although since then the homogenization theory has been considerably developed and generalized, there are still open problems in constructing realistic models of new materials and engineering structures, biological processes, especially combining different scales or discrete and continuous approaches.

The conference is the eighth event in the set yearly-organized international conferences on the multiscale methods and modeling.  The first three and the sixth were held in the University of Saint-Etienne, France. The fourth and the fifth were held in Moscow, in the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in October 2014 and at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in June 2015. Both were organized in the frame of the thematic year on the multiscale methods and modeling in biology and medicine organized by the Russian-French laboratory J.-V. Poncelet. The present conference as the previous one (MMM2017) will be held in the frame of the thematic year on the multiscale modeling in biology held in the University of Chile and organized by the French-Chilean laboratory CMM (Center for Mathematical Modeling).

The conference is devoted to an important trend in mathematical modeling, the multiscale methods and its applications in engineering and biology. Such methods combine microscopic and macroscopic descriptions of the phenomena and are usually based on asymptotic and numerical analysis of the microscopic model equations. The application of these methods allows constructing new materials with given properties, creating new more adequate and more precise models in biology and medicine.

The conference and the summer school will bring together the well-known specialists in the topic and young researchers and students.  The theoretical results on the mathematical analysis of multiscale models will be presented together with the numerical and computer experiments.

If you are interested in giving a talk at the workshop please write us through the contact form.

Invited speakers

  • Cristóbal Bertoglio, Johann Bernoulli Institute/University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Eric Canon, Institut Camille Jordan UMR CNRS 5208/Univ. de Lyon, France
  • Frédéric Chardard, Institut Camille Jordan UMR CNRS 5208/Univ. de Lyon, France
  • Carlos Conca, CMM/Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Daniel Hurtado, P. Univ. Católica de Chile, Chile
  • Carlos Jerez Hanckes, P. Univ. Católica de Chile, Chile
  • Miguel López, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Anvarbek Meirmanov, School of Mathematical Sciences and Information Technology, Yachay University, Ecuador
  • Jean-Gabriel Minonzio, CMM/Universidad de Chile, Chile and Laboratoire Imagerie Biomédicale (LIB)/ Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, France
  • Axel Osses, CMM/Universidad de Chile, Chile
  • Grigory Panasenko, CMM UMI CNRS 2708/Universidad de Chile, Chile and ICJ UMR CNRS 5208/Univ.de Lyon, France
  • Marie-Claude Viallon, Institut Camille Jordan UMR CNRS 5208/Univ.de Lyon, France