Today we rely strongly on multiple networks to develop our daily activities, especially on electrical grids and telecommunication networks. In general these and other networks can fail due to endogenous or exogenous reasons. These failures raise an array of critical questions that need to be properly addressed if we aim to develop a secured critical network infrastructure in the future such as:  How can power and telecommunication networks keep on working after a large scale seismic event? Could a telecommunication network withstand a cyber attack that takes down several components simultaneously? How do we design networks that are resilient to a comprehensive set of outages caused by natural hazards or by human intervention?

We will discuss these and other similar issues from the perspectives of stochastic and robust optimization, simulation and analysis. Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for technical interdisciplinary discussions bridging the knowledge between experts in engineering and mathematics, who will derive together key insights on the design of reliable and resilient real-world power and telecommunication networks necessary to face the challenges of the 21st century.




We welcome submissions to be considered for presentation at our workshop, in the form of a 20 min talk or a poster. Please send your proposal (name, affiliation, and a short abstract of about 200 words) to and we will contact you in short.

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