ITT Workshop

ITT (Integrative Think Tank) is an event in which graduate students in mathematics are faced with multidisciplinary challenges from industry and applied areas, with the aim of collaboratively proposing approaches to address these problems from mathematical research, and formulating strategies to advance in their resolution, which can later become part of a master’s or doctoral thesis.

Created at the University of Bath in the UK, ITTs are events that promote deep and lasting relationships between the mathematical community and partners such as companies and public institutions, generating collaborative research projects with a multi-year horizon, in which student participation is central at all stages.

ITT Chile 2022 will take place from 12-16 December 2022 at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. The event is organised by the Department of Mathematical Engineering and the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile, together with the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Bath, and will take place at the Open Space DIM, located at Beauchef 851, Santiago – Edificio Norte, 4th floor.