David Sherman: «Comparative genomics: from serendipity to reproducibility»

Lunes 29 de Julio a las 17:00.

Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos a una sesión de nuestro seminario.  En esta ocasión tendremos la visita del Dr. David James Sherman, investigador del INRIA en Bordeaux, Francia:

Comparative genomics: from serendipity to reproducibility

Abstract: The compact genomes of the hemiascomycete yeasts provide an ideal terrain for eukaryote comparative genomics: in the 450 Mya since their divergence from a common ancestor they have adapted to a wide range of ecological conditions, using a wide range of evolutionary mechanisms, while maintaining a relatively conserved gene repertoire. For these reasons yeasts present a unique opportunity for developing bioinformatic tools for comparative genomics, and since they play a considerable role in biotechnological applications, predictions made for the genome are often translated to useful experimental results.

What we find is that work on these species is not always hypothesis-driven, but serendipitous: the main results are often quite unexpected. I will present a number of concrete examples from large-scale comparative analyses, consider strategies for building useful bioinformatic tools, and conclude with a plea for reproducible science.

David James Sherman

Senior Scientist (Dir. Rech.)

Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest

Fecha: Lunes 29 de Julio a las 17:00. 

Lugar: Blanco Encalada #2120, Sala multimedia sexto piso