Getting to Valparaíso

To get to Valparaíso from the Santiago Airport:

  • By bus: Catch a bus (CentroPuerto or TurBus Aeropuerto) heading to Pajaritos outside of the airport terminal. This will drop you off at the North side of the “Pajaritos” bus/metro station in Santiago. From here, buses leave frequently (every 20 minutes or so) for Valparaíso and other destinations; we recommend using the companies TurBus or Pullman. It is generally not necessary to have a bus ticket before arriving at Pajaritos. The trip should cost between $3.000 and $8.000 pesos (US$5 to US$14 aprox.). Get off at the Valparaíso terminal and then take a taxi either to your hotel or to the conference venue (in which case ask the driver to go to “Parque Cultural Ex-Cárcel de Valparaíso” and leave you at the address Dinamarca 399). The taxi should cost around $5.000 pesos in both cases (you should agree on a price before getting on the taxi).
  • By taxi: Go to the official shuttle service counters located inside the terminal (close to the baggage claim area) and take a taxi to the desired location in Valparaíso. The taxi will cost $90.000 (about US$145). We recommend using the company Transvip.