The organization of this workshop is a joint effort of the Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering (IMC-PUC) and the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM-U. de Chile).
The objective of the workshop is to put together the state of the art of different methodologies of inverse problems with real applications in Astronomy, Medicine, Geophysics and Mining and promote the synergies to share scientific and algorithmic methods in inverse problems.

The workshop is mainly sponsored by “Vice-Rectoría de Investigación UC” and by Universidad de Chile.

Key words: inverse problems, astronomy, medicine, geophysics, mining


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Organizing Committee

  • Clementine Béchet (PUC)
  • Roberto Benavente (PUC)
  • Matías Courdurier (PUC)
  • Jorge Crempién (PUC)
  • Axel Osses (U. Chile)
  • Jaime Ortega (U. Chile)
  • Carlos Sing-Long (PUC)