Data Science for Frontier Astronomy, Biology, Digital Health and Earth Sciences

Since 2009, the CMM Pucón Symposium has been taking place every two years in the lake district in Chile. After a short pause due to pandemic restrictions, the 7th CMM Pucón Symposium will be held in Puerto Varas, Chile, between Aug 17-19th, 2022, in an in-person format.

More than a decade ago, this symposium started as a small gathering of researchers in the area of astroinformatics, with a special interest in the analysis of massive amounts of astronomical data, in order to create a community of local researchers that are close to the emerging problems in this area. After this initial symposium, we have incorporated other areas close to data science such as bioinformatics, digital health, and earth sciences. This has allowed us to bring world-class researchers from diverse technological and scientific disciplines and from many prestigious institutions interested in R&D, pushing for the creation of a wide collaboration network that engages in an in-depth analysis of both state-of-the-art techniques and trending developments that are affecting the way we do research.

posterEven though digital technologies have allowed us to work efficiently during the pandemic, today we value in-person interactions more than ever. For this reason, we believe that this symposium will be a wonderful opportunity to continue with the tradition started in 2009, inspiring the next generation of researchers.


Symposium Program