Mathematics and Data Science for Astronomy, Biodiversity and Health


posterSince the 1st CMM Pucón Symposium in 2009, this meeting has taken place every other year in the lake district in Chile. Actually, the symposium started as the gathering of the small number of researchers involved in the then emerging area of astroinformatics. The meeting focused on the analysis of massive amounts of astronomical data, in order to create a community of local researchers that were close to the new problems surfacing in this area. In the following versions of the symposium, we incorporated other areas close to data science such as bioinformatics, digital health, and earth sciences. This allowed us to bring together world-class researchers of diverse technological and scientific disciplines from prestigious research institutions, triggering the creation of a wide network of collaboration engaged in the analysis of state-of-the-art mathematical techniques and trends that have profoundly affected the way we advance frontier knowledge.

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