10:00 (Chicago),
11:00 EST (Chile), 17:00 (Paris)
The meeting room is open for chatting and for speakers to check sharing of slides
10:30 (Chicago),
11:30 EST (Chile), 17:30 (Paris)
Introductions and overview of the meeting
10:40 (Chicago),
11:40 EST (Chile), 17:40 (Paris)
Meet new people: random break out rooms
10:55 (Chicago),
11:55 EST (Chile), 17:55 (Paris)
Return to main room
11:00 (Chicago),
12:00 EST (Chile), 18:00 (Paris)
Joel Moreira (University of Warwick)

Multiple recurrence for polynomial and non-polynomial sequences (see video )
11:20 (Chicago),
12:20 EST (Chile), 18:20 (Paris)
Song Shao (University of Science & Technology of China)

Topological characteristic factors and nilsystems (see video)
11:40 (Chicago),
12:40 EST (Chile), 18:40 (Paris)
Nishant Chandgotia (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Predictive sets (see video)
12:00 (Chicago),
13:00 EST (Chile), 19:00 (Paris)
Break out rooms with three speakers
12:15 (Chicago),
13:15 EST (Chile), 19:15 (Paris)
12:30 (Chicago),
13:30 EST (Chile), 19:30 (Paris)
Meet new people: random break out rooms.
12:45 (Chicago),
13:45 EST (Chile), 19:45 (Paris)
Kostya Medynets (United States Naval Academy)

Group Characters via Ergodic Actions (see video)
13:05 (Chicago),
14:05 EST (Chile), 20:05 (Paris)
Tamara Kucherenko (The City College of New York)

Multiple phase transitions on compact symbolic systems (see video)
13:25 (Chicago),
14:25 EST (Chile), 20:25 (Paris)
Francesco Cellarosi (Queen’s University)

Central Limit Theorem for odometers and B-free integers (see video)
13:45 (Chicago),
14:45 EST (Chile), 20:45 (Paris)
Break out rooms with three speakers
14:00 (Chicago),
15:00 EST (Chile), 21:00 (Paris)
Happy hour/tea time/general conversation