Esperanza AmezketaEsperanza Amezketa

Esperanza Amezketa has more than 35 years in the field of Research and Development (R&D+i). Degree in Biology, Master in Sciences and Doctor in Biology in 1992 (Soil Sciences). She worked as a scientific researcher in different organizations mainly in fields related to soils and agriculture. In 2007 he joined TRACASA, where he has participated in numerous projects related to soils, soil salinity, geospatial data, digital cartography, remote sensing and GIS. Since 2012, he has participated in the Map Validation team of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service.

Isabel Goñi TurumbayIsabel Goñi Turumbay

Agricultural Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Geo-information Studies, Netherlands and Project Management Professional. After 3 years as a GIS consultant in the Netherlands, she joined TRACASA (Spain) in 2006 where she works as an international GIS Project Manager. He is currently responsible for the area of Spatial and Territorial Engineering while managing projects such as the validation of Copernicus EMS for the Joint Research Centre and INSPIRE Support for the Government of Ireland.

Arantzazu Larrañaga Urien

Arantzazu Larrañaga Urien, Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering. Dr Larrañaga has over 13 years of experience in the TRACASA Department of Territorial Information Systems as an optical remote sensing technician, radar and GIS, and 5 years of experience in coordinating the production of digital products derived from satellite remote sensing and GIS. She has a large experience in the use of optical and radar data for various applications such as disasters (monitoring of floods and volcanoes) and agriculture (crop classification). Member of the Map Validation team of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) since 2012.

Katie MedcalfKatie Medcalf

Dr Katie Medcalf is Environment Director at Environment Systems Ltd. She has a strong background in environmental monitoring, mapping, modelling, field ecology and remote sensing. Katie leads, and develops Environment Systems environmental opportunities and risk modelling. She has been working in the Caribbean for over 9 years, helping provide critical environmental data considering climate change adaptation, natural capital and ecosystem services. Katie is a Chartered Environmentalist, a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, the British Society of Soil Science and the British Ecological Society.

Oriol MontserratOriol Montserrat

Oriol Monserrat holds a PhD in aerospace science and technology from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and a degree in mathematics from the University of Barcelona He is currently a Senior Researcher and Head of the Department of Remote Sensing of the Technological Centre for Telecommunications of Catalonia. His main research fields include Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), SAR Differential Interferometry (DInSAR) and Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI). During her research career she has participated as an author or co-author in more than 60 publications in indexed journals and in several national and international projects, including EU FP6, FP7 and H2020. In recent years he has coordinated two H2020 projects (Safety and UGeohaz) and one Interreg project (Riskcoast).

Jesus San-Miguel-AyanzJesus San-Miguel-Ayanz

Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz: PhD (1993) and MSc (1989) Wildland Information Science, with majors on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Forestry Department, University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, California, U.S.A. Forest Engineering Degree (1987) by Polytechnic University, Madrid, Spain. J. San-Miguel-Ayanz works at the European Commission Joint Research Centre and coordinates and leads the development of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) and the Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS).