Oren Louidor, Technion

Extreme value theory for logarithmically correlated fields

Leonardo Rolla, University of São Paulo

An introduction to the contact process

Dieter Mitsche, Universidad Católica de Chile

An introduction to percolation


Tamara Fernández, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

A general framework for the analysis of kernel-based tests

Pablo López-Rivera, Université Paris Cité

Preservation of functional inequalities under log-Lipschitz perturbations

Gonzalo Panizo, IMCA

Random Interlacements of directed paths

Jaime San Martín, Universidad de Chile

Some New and Classical results for Schrödinger operators in dimension 1

Leonardo Videla, Universidad de Santiago

Simplified Wright-Fisher processes and some non-linear extensions

Tianqi Wu, Technion

Diameter of a long-range percolation graph for the critical exponent s=d