Mini Symposium

This event that will be held at the Former National Congress Building (Ex Congreso Nacional), Santiago – Chile, on January 27th, aims to discuss and analyse the research area related with the application of solar energy in urban transport systems, as well as energy efficiency measures that can reduce the energy consumption of a transport sector. After some conferences, the event will be focused on an open discussion among the participants to explore future initiatives and collaborations between transport, electricity, urban planning and solar energy sector.

Before the Mini Symposium, a small course in solar energy called Introducción a la Energía Solar para Chile will be given on January 21st and 22nd. This course aims to introduce the atendees of this mini symposium to solar energy and its applications. It will be conducted by professor Roberto Román and it will be in spanish.

The Mini Symposium is embedded in the 1st Workshop in Strategies for Solar Energy and Basic Sciences Research, that runs from January 23th to January 28th, 2014.

Addressed to:

  • Academics and researchers related with transport and/or solar energy systems.
  • Technological developers interested in solar energy and smart grids applications.
  • Professionals related with the solar energy sector, transport sector and electrical networks.
  • Postgraduate students interested in solar energy research applied to the transport sector.

Organizing Committee

  • Jorge Amaya
  • Pablo Orellana


  • Paula Uribe, Centro de Modelamiento Matemático.
  • Pablo Orellana, Centro de Modelamiento Matemático.
  • Marcelo Matus, Solar Energy Research Center.
  • Raphael Hofstädter, Technische Universität Wien.