Scientific Program



 08:40    Registration – opening

09:30     Claudia Sagastizábal, Weak Convexity and Approximate Subdifferentials

10:00    Mikhail Solodov, Descent Sequences in Weakly Convex Optimization

Coffee break

11:00     René Henrion, On a Chance-Constrained Optimal Control Problem with Turnpike Property

11:30     Alejandro Jofré, Pollution Regulation for Electricity Generators in a Transmission Network

12:00    Nicolás Hérnandez-Santibáñez , Dynamic Programming Approach for Continuous–Time Stackelberg Games

12:30    Maria Soledad Aronna, Optimal Control on a Network, Through Vaccination


15:00    Michel De Lara, Algorithms in Generalized Convexity. Application to Sparse Optimization

15:30     Francisco J. Silva,  Nonlinear Perspective Functions

16:00   Patrick L. Combettes, Arbitrary Products Of Monotone Operators

Coffee break

17:00     Jules Berry,  Approximation and Perturbations of Stable Solutions to a Stationary Mean Field Game System

17:30     Francisco Venegas M., Asymmetric Free Spaces



09:00  Johannes Royset, Epi-Convergence in Stochastic Optimization and Mixed-Integer Programming

09:30  Claudia Soto, Probability Functions Generated By Set-Valued Mappings

10:00  Eladio Ocaña, On the Twice Differentiability of the Marginal Function

Coffee break

11:00   Ebrahim Sarabi,  Second-Order Variational Properties of Spectral Functions

11:30 Didier Aussel, When Solutions of Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequality are Analysed in a Local Way: Concepts, Existence and Applications

12:00 David Salas, The Polyhedral Geometry of Linear Bilevel Programming

12:30 Jiri Outrata, On the Implicit Programming Approach to MPECs via the SC Generalized Derivatives


15:00   Felipe Lara, On the Minimization of the Sum of Two Nonconvex Functions with Applications

15:30  Stephanie Caro, Discretization Method Optimization Problems with an Application to   ε-Subdifferential

16:00   Matus Benko,  On Superlinear Convergence of Newton-like Methods

Coffee break – Group photo

17:00   Tri Minh Le,  Metric Compatibility and Determination in Complete Metric Spaces

17:30  Sebastián Tapia A Slope Generalization of Attouch Theorem

20:00-22:30      Conference dinner (Hotel Diego de Almagro Providencia, Pio X 2530, Providencia)


09:00  Rafael Correa, Approach Based on the Fenchel-Moreau-Rockafellar Theorem for Subdifferential Calculus

09:30  Mathieu Marechal ,  A Sufficient Condition for Metric Subregularity of Set-Valued Mappings Between Asplund Spaces Based on an Outer-coderivative-like Variational Tool

10:00  Christoper Hermosilla, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Approach for Optimal Control Problems of Sweeping Processes

 Coffee break

11:00     Samir Adly, Proto-Differentiability in Monotone Inclusions and the Graphical Convergence of Maximally Monotone Operators

11:30    Marco A. López, Homogeneous Formulas for the Subdifferential of the Supremum Function in Convex Analysis

12:00  Andrea Ridolfi,  Graphical Derivative Of The Dual Feasible Set In Linear Conic Optimization

12:30  David Sossa,  Computing Critical Angles Between Two Convex Cones


15:00   Hasnaa Zidani, Optimal control problems in some metric spaces

15:30    Terry Rockafellar, Primal-Dual Stability in Local Optimization

16:00  Closing ceremony



09:00-09:30     Departure from CMM 

09:30-11:00     Travel Viña Tarapacá 

11:00-12:30    Vineyard tour and wine tasting

12:30-15:00    Lunch

16:30-17:00  Departure back to CMM