Communicable and infectious diseases constitute one of the leading causes of illness and death throughout the world. The diversity of infection agents (viruses, bacteria, microbes, etc.) combined with their ability to evolve and adapt to changing host populations, environments, practices, and technologies creates ongoing threats to human health and appeals for more sophisticated policies for disease prevention and control.

This second version of the MOVECO workshop will be held at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (U. Chile-CNRS) on January 13 and 14, 2020. It aims combining the experience and skills of the different members in our multidisciplinary team in order to propose meaningful mathematical models and to develop new methods (based on optimization and viability approaches) for control of communicable and infectious diseases.

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This event is funded by Conicyt through Basal program AFB-17001 (Center for Mathematical Modeling), REDES program 170059, Math AmSud program MOVECO and Fondecyt programs 1160204 & 1160567.