The goal of the conference “Numerical methods for optimal transport problems, mean field games, and multi-agent dynamics” is to share and discuss about the advances on numerical techniques for the resolution to optimal transport problems, mean field games, and muti-agent dynamics. Several methodologies have been developed in parallel in these fields in the last years, which opens the door to new collaborations because of the relations among the three topics. We expect to motivate these collaborations via plenary talks of experts in the three fields, thematic sessions and a summer school to incorporate students in order to extend the arising connections.

January 8-12th,  2024, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Valparaíso, Chile.

Organizing Committee

  • Luis Briceño Arias (U. Técnica Federico Santa María and CMM, Chile)
  • José A. Carrillo de la Plata (U. Oxford, UK)
  • Francisco J. Silva (U. Limoges, France)

Organizing Institutions