Generalized Newton Algorithms for Tilt-Stable Minimizers in Nonsmooth Optimization

Speaker: Prof. Boris Mordukhovich

Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics Wayne State University

Date:  September 2, 2020 at 10:00

Title: Generalized Newton Algorithms for Tilt-Stable Minimizers in Nonsmooth Optimization

Abstract: This talk aims at developing two versions of the generalized Newton method to compute local minimizers for nonsmooth problems of unconstrained and constraned optimization that satisfy an important stability property known as tilt stability. We start with unconstrained minimization of continuously differentiable cost functions having Lipschitzian gradients and suggest two second-order algorithms ofthe Newton type: one involving coderivatives of Lipschitzian gradient mappings, and the other based on graphical derivatives of the latter. Then we proceed with the propagation of these algorithms to minimization of extended-real-valued prox-regular functions, while covering in this way problems of constrained optimization, by using Moreau envelopes. Employing advanced techniques of second-order variational analysis and characterizations of tilt stability allows us to establish the solvability of subproblems in both algorithms and to prove the Q-superlinear convergence of their iterations. Based on joint work with Ebrahim Sarabi (Miami University, USA).

A recorded video of the conference is here;  the slides can be downloaded here

Venue: Online via Google Meet

A brief biography of the speaker: Prof. Boris Mordukhovich was born and educated in the former Soviet Union. He got his PhD from the Belarus State University (Minsk) in 1973. He is currently a Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics at Wayne State University. Mordukhovich is an expert in optimization, variational analysis, generalized differentiation, optimal control, and their applications to economics, engineering, behavioral sciences, and other fields. He is the author and a co-author of many papers and 5 monographs in these areas. Prof. Mordukhovich is an AMS Fellow, a SIAM Fellow, and a recipient of many international awards and honors including Doctor Honoris Causa degrees from 6 universities worldwide. He was the Founding Editor (2008) and a co-Editor-in-Chief (2009-2014) of Set-Valued and Variational Analysis, and is now an Associate Editor of many high-ranked journals including SIAM J. Optimization, JOTA, JOGO, etc. In 2016 he was elected to the Accademia Peloritana dei Pericolanti (Italy). Prof. Mordukhovich is in the list of Highly Cited Researchers in Mathematics.

Coordinators: Abderrahim Hantoute (CMM) and Fabián Flores-Bazán (Universidad de Concepción)