Topological phase transition as a statistical reconstruction problem

Speaker: Avelio Sepúlveda
CMM, Universidad de Chile

Date: Jun 04, 2020 at 14:30 h

Abstract: Joint work with C. Garban. KT or topological phase transitions are a type of  phase transition discovered by Kosterlitz and Thouless in the ’70s. Models that undergo this phenomenon are typically 2-dimensional and do not have a classical phase transition. In this talk, I will explain this type of phase transition going over the first proof of their existence by Fröhlich and Spencer which relates them to the localization of random surfaces. Then, I will discuss a new interpretation of this phase transition that arises from the following question: Let \(\phi\) be a discrete Gaussian free field at temperature \(T\) and imagine that you lost its integer part, can you recover the macroscopic information of \(\phi\)?.

Venue: Online via Zoom
Coordinators: Prof. Joaquín Fontbona & Prof. Daniel Remenik