Scientific Program


 8:00      Registration

8:20      Welcome

8:30       R. TYRREL ROCKAFELLAR, Solving Variational Inequalities by Newton’s Method

9:00       DARIUSZ ZAGRODNY,  Differential properties of the Moreau envelope : Part I

9:30       ABDERRAHIM JOURANI, Differential properties of the Moreau envelope : Part II

10:00     TEEMU PENNANEN, Convex Duality in Mathematical Finance

Coffee break

11:15     MARC QUINCAMPOIX, Strong Bimetric Regularity and Applcations to Linear Control

11:45     MIGUEL ANGEL GOBERNA, Robust Linear Semi-Infinite Optimization for Uncertain  Constraints

12:15    YBOON GARCIA RAMOS, Integration Formulas without Convexity


14:45     ALFRED AUSSLENDER, A Sequential Linear Cone Method for Nonconvex Problems Covering NonLinear Programming, Semi-Definite Programming and Second-Order Cone Programming

15:15     MARC-OLIVIER CZARNECKI, Asymptotic behavior of coupled dynamical systems with multiscale aspects

15:45     YVES LUCET, Computer-Aided Convex Analysis:  Partial Conjugate Computation and Beyond

Coffee break

16:45     BERNARD CORNET, Supermodular Finacial Markets with Frictions

17:15     FABIAN FLORES-BAZAN, Characterizing FJ and KKT points in nonconvex optimization with applications to a class of MPEC’s

17:45     MARIA SOLEDAD ARONNA, L1 Trajectories for Control-Affine Systems


8:30       ROBERTO COMINETTI, Risk averse network routing

9:00       CLAUDIA SAGASTIZABAL, Efficient Solution of Problems with Probabilistic Constraints Arising in the Finance and Energy Sectors

9:30       JEAN-MARC BONNISSEAU, Regular Economies and Ambiguity Aversion

10:00     TERENCE BAYEN, Optimal control of semi-linear parabolic equations

Coffee break

11:15     STEPHEN SIMONS, SI Spaces, Maximal Monotonicity and SN Spaces

11:45     ALEXANDER CABOT, Sequential Formulae for the Normal Cone to Sublevel Sets

12:15     JACQUELINE MORGAN, Approximating Infimal Values of MinSup Problems with Generalized Nash Equilibrium Constraints


14:45     HELENE FRANKOWSKA, Second Order Optimality Conditions in Optimal Control under state Constraints

15:15     SAMIR ADLY,  A New Variant of the Moreau’s Sweeping Process and Applications

15:45     MICHEL DE LARA, Multi-usage Hydropower dam Management:  Chance-Constrained Optimization and Stochastic Viability

Coffee break

16:45    MICHEL THERA, On one-sided Lipschitz stability of set-valued contractions

17:15     GERALD BEER, The Structure of Extended Normed Linear Spaces

18:30     Ceremony of conferment of the distinction Doctor Honoris Causa


8:30     BORIS MORDUKHOVICH, Full Stability in Optimization

9:00     EDUARDO CASAS, Optimal Control of Semilinear Elliptic Control Problems in Measure Spaces

9:30       PATRICK LOUIS COMBETTES, Relaxation of inconsistent common zero problems

10:00     SJUR-DIDRIK FLAM, Non-Cooperative Games, Coupling Constraints, and Partial Efficiency

Coffee break

11:15     MARCO ANTONIO LOPEZ, An Approach to calmness of the Feasible set Mapping for Linear Inequality Systems

11:45     NICOLAS HADJISAVVAS, On Cyclic and n-Cyclic Monotonicity of bi-functions


12:15     Visit to Tarapaca vineyard and lunch



8:30       ALEXANDER IOFFE, On Some Basic Concepts of Metric Regularity Theory

9:00       FREDERIC BONNANS, Sensitivity Analysis in Optimization Application to Optimal Control Problems

9:30       MARC CILIGOT-TRAVAIN, On the Optimization of the Stability Radius

10:00     VLADIMIR SHIKHMAN, Market Equilibrium via Convex Optimization

Coffee break

11:15     MIKHAIL SOLODOV, Local Convergence of Augmented Lagrangian Methods without Constraint Qualifications

11:45     DIDIER AUSSEL, Time-dependent Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems in L²

12:15     JEAN-BAPTISTE HIRIART-URRUTY, A characterization by optimization of the triangle Orthocenter


14:45     ALEXANDER KRUGER, About Regularity Properties of Collections of Sets

15:15     THIERRY CHAMPION,  Study of the Monge transport problem in the uniformly convex case

15:45     MARC LASSONDE, Subdifferential Estimate of the Directional Derivative and Optimality Criterion

Coffee break

16:45     JIRI OUTRATA, Computation of Graphical Derivative of Solution Maps in Parameterized Equilibria with Conic Constraints

17:15     FRANCISCO SILVA, Some Sensitivity Results in Stochastic Optimal Control Theory:  A Lagrange Multiplier Point of View

17:45     ALEJANDRO JOFRE, Dynamic contracts under loss aversion: a principal agent approach