Workshop 3: Smart-Agro



UPDATE: You can watch this Workshop on YouTube


  • Tania Zaviezo (PUC,
  • Mauricio Schoebitz (UdeC,
  • Osvaldo Salazar (UCH,
  • Ricardo Suay (INRAE,
  • Elisabeth Pécou (U. Côte d’Azur,
  • Christine Poncet (FioriMed,

Program: September 28th

(hours are given in Chilean time, French time is given in italics)

Session 1:
9:30-9:40 / 14h30-14h40 Welcome words and some general words about the Chile-France forum and the main goals about the Workshop 3 “SMART AGRO”

9:40-9:55 / 14h40-14h55 Tania Zaviezo (PUC), SmartAgro in the UC: Current Projects and Collaborations

9:55-10:10 / 14h55-15h10 Philippe Castagnone (INRAE-ISA), SmartAgro in the Sophia Agrobiotech Institute: Current Projects and Collaborations

10:10-10:25 / 15h10-15h25 Octavio Lagos (UdeC), Monitoring and modeling Evapotranspiration in orchards Using Remote Sensing

10:25-10:40 / 15h25-15h40 Philippe Blanc (Mines ParisTech), Energy, major issue in the agroecological transition

10:40-10:50 / 15h40-15h50 Álvaro Peña (UChile-FacAgro), SmartAgro in the UCH-Faculty of Agricultural Sciences: Current Projects and Collaborations

10:50-11:00 / 15h50-16h00 Jaime Ortega (UChile-FCFM), SmartAgro in the UCH-FCFM, Copernicus Program and Geointelligence: Current Projects and Collaborations

11:00-11:30 / 16h00-16h30 Break

Session 2:

11:30-11:45 / 16h30-16h45 Christine Poncet (UMT Fiorimed), The Joint Technological Unit FioriMed, a bottom-up and participatory approach to bring agroecology for all

11:45-12:00 / 16h45-17h00 Manuel Pinto (U O’Higgins), SmartAgro in the UOH: Current Projects and Future Developments

12:00-12:15 / 17h00-17h15 Justine Lipuma / (UMT Fiorimed-Mycophyto), Revitalyzing soils and renewing biodiversity for a sustainable agriculture

12:15-12:30 / 17h15-17h30 Juan Pablo Martínez (INIA), Monitoreo digital de variables ambientales en una agricultura tecnificada sustentable en cultivos forzados en Chile

12:30-12:45 / 17h30-17h45 Pia Parolin (UMT FioriMed), The information system S@M, the key to success for ecological farming.

12:45-13:00 / 17h45-18h00 Wrap up and final words