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Expanding Dynamics I

May 8, 2020

Sebastián Barbieri 

Topological Markov properties

Raimundo Briceño

Shifts of finite type as constraint satisfaction problems

Ben Call

The K property for some systems with unique equilibrium states

Van Cyr

Subshifts, complexity, and Boshernitzan’s condition

Sebastián Donoso

The complexity of S-adic subshifts

Bastián Espinoza

Asymptotic pairs in topological finite rank systems

Joshua Frisch

Strong amenability, the ICC property, and symbolic dynamics

Ricardo Gómez

Loop systems and analytic combinatorics

Kevin McGoff

Ubiquity of entropies of intermediate factors

Etienne Moutot

Nivat’s conjecture holds in the uniformly recurrent case

Ronnie Pavlov

Subshifts with slow forbidden word growth

Samuel Petite

S-adic subshifts and finite topological rank minimal Cantor systems

Ayse Sahin

Low complexity dynamics and the loosely Bernoulli property

Scott Schmieding

Stabilized automorphism groups

Omer Tamuz

Characteristic measures of symbolic dynamical systems

Rodrigo Treviño

Quantitative weak mixing for random substitution tilings

Expanding Dynamics II

June 5, 2020

Valérie Berthé

Multidimensional continued fractions and symbolic codings of toral translations

Jon Chaika

There exists a weakly mixing billiard in a polygon

Vincent Delecroix

An entropy upper bound for infinite interval exchange transformations

Fabien Durand

Self induced systems

Jeremias Epperlein

Iterated Minkowski sums, horoballs and north-south-dynamics

Florian Richter

An analogue of Furstenberg’s sumset conjecture in the integers

Expanding Dynamics III

July 17, 2020

Joel Moreira

Multiple recurrence for polynomial and non-polynomial sequences

Song Shao

Topological characteristic factors and nilsystems

Nishant Chandgotia

Predictive sets

Kostya Medynets

Group characters via ergodic actions

Tamara Kucherenko

Multiple phase transitions on compact symbolic systems

Francesco Cellarosi

Central Limit Theorem for odometers and B-free integers

Expanding Dynamics IV

September 10, 2020

Mike Hochman

Directional minimality in algebraic systems

Marlies Gerber

Anti-classification results for the Kakutani equivalence relation

Rodolfo Gutiérrez-Romo

Coding the Teichmüller flow by veering triangulations

Lewis Bowen

Sofic entropy of subshifts

Uri Gabor

On the failure of Ornstein theory on the finitary category

Anthony Quas

Lyapunov exponents for Perron-Frobenius cocycles

Expanding Dynamics V

October 13, 2020

Problem presentations

Vitaly Bergelson – Daniel Glasscock

The density polynomial Hales-Jewett problem

Valerie Berthé – Jorg Thuswaldner

Balanced words with factor frequencies

Jarkko Kari – Siamak Taati

Do low-complexity aperiodic SFTs exist?

Benjy Weiss – Nishant Chandgotia

Recognising processes from partial data

Tomasz Downarowicz – Adam Abrams

Explicit construction of a multiplicatively circle-normal number

Anthony Quas – Mark Piraino

Phase transition(s) for matrix equilibrium states

Jon Chaika – Samantha Fairchild 

Classifying horocycle ergodic measures on translation surfaces

Andrés Navas – Kim Sang-Hyun

Distortion elements in diffeomorphism groups

Expanding Dynamics VI

November 10, 2020

Anibal Velozo

How much chaos is there at infinity?

Tsviqa Lakrec

Affine random walks on the torus and on nilmanifolds

Snir Ben Ovadia

Hyperbolic SRB measures and the leaf condition

Nattalie Tamam

Distribution of discrete groups orbits

Andreu Moragues

Totally ergodic and weakly mixing sets

Mahbub Alam

Intrinsic diophantine approximations on spheres

Expanding Dynamics VII

December 8, 2020

Jarkko Kari

Decidability in group cellular automata

Marta Maggioni

Random matching for random interval maps

Claire Merriman

𝛼-odd continued fractions

Pierre Guillon

Soficity of the one-marked-component shift

Anh Le

Additive averages of multiplicative recurrence sequences and applications

Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein

Linear shifts and their endomorphisms

Expanding Dynamics VIII

January 19, 2021

Julien Cassaigne

An aperiodic uniformly recurrent multidimensional word with low complexity

Paulina Cecchi

Superlinear factor complexity and Invariant measures on subshifts

Mark Piraino

The Central Limit Theorem for typical cocylces

Godofredo Iommi

Arithmetic and geometric means in continued fractions

Samantha Fairchild

Quadratic growth for pairs of saddle connections with bounded area

Dan Thompson

Fluctuations of time averages around closed geodesics in non-positive curvature

Expanding Dynamics IX

February 23, 2021

Omri Sarig

Effective intrinsic ergodicity for countable Markov shifts

Anush Tserunyan

Ergodic theorems along trees

Wolfgang Steiner

Matching for linear mod one transformations

Jon Fickenscher

Bounding partial rigidity in rank-one systems

José Rigoberto Zelada

Strongly mixing actions of countable abelian groups are almost strongly mixing of all orders

Benjamin Weiss

Generic behavior in positive entropy

Expanding Dynamics X

March 23, 2021

Jon Aaronson

Ergodic and mixing properties of infinite measure preserving transformations arising from tied down distributional limits 

Olga Lukina

Rotated odometers

Andreas Wieser

Effective equidistribution of orbits of semisimple groups on congruence quotients 

E. Arthur Robinson 

Continued fraction normality for the Minkowski question mark function

Anthony Sánchez 

Transversal to horocycle flow on the moduli space of doubled slit tori 

Tomasz Downarowicz

Classification of topological systems which split into uniquely ergodic subsystems