14-17 January, 2025

Center for Mathematical Modeling, Santiago – Chile

Marco Antonio López-CerdáThis version of the International Conference on Variational Analysis and Optimization aims to recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions of Professor Marco Antonio López Cerdá to the field of Variational Analysis and generalized differentiation. As one of the most prominent mathematicians in this field, Professor López-Cerdá has made exceptional contributions, paving the way for significant advancements in the field.

Through his unwavering dedication to research and commitment to maintaining the highest standards in mathematics, Professor López-Cerdá has become a role model to many. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to acknowledge his outstanding achievements and honor his legacy.

The conference will bring together leading experts in the field, providing a platform to discuss the latest research, ideas, and insights. It is an exciting opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and promote further collaborations. The conference promises to be a stimulating and informative event that will undoubtedly enhance the understanding and appreciation of Variational Analysis and Optimization.




ANID/PIA/Basal Funds for Center of Excellence FB210005, ANID-Chile – Basal CMM FB210005


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