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Local attractions:

Santiago is a city that boasts easy access to both mountain ranges and beaches, with just a short distance of 50 km and 100 km, respectively. One can embark on several trekking trails in the mountains or visit the famous beach resort of Viña del Mar or the picturesque Valparaiso, which is Chile’s main port, all in a single day. The countryside surrounding Santiago is dotted with charming villages that offer a serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and indulging in the country life experience. Additionally, tourists can take a trip to the nearby vineyards to sample the exquisite Chilean wines.

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Tourist Information

Some Chilean Attractions:

Easter IslandLocated about 2,000 air miles west of Santiago, Easter Island (known in Chile as Isla de Pascua) boasts a unique triangular shape and sits amidst the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. As you step foot on this intriguing island, you will feel like you’ve entered an outdoor museum dedicated to a long-lost civilization. The mystery surrounding the ancient people who once inhabited Easter Island adds to its allure and makes it a fascinating destination for any curious traveler.

San Pedro de Atacama The attraction of the Chilean North is San Pedro de Atacama, from where you can visit the Tatio Geysers, some Andean lagoons and the Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley). Visit the beautiful landscape of Toconao and the Atacama Salt Flat where the elegant flamingos reside. Or explore the more historical aspect by visiting the Gustavo La Paige Archeological Museum.

Patagonia is the stage for some of the world’s greatest adventures. Even if we know little of the place, its very name evokes the wild natural beauty and unknown frontiers of the end of the earth. Torres del Paine National Park and World Biosphere Reserve is the most famous of the vast protected areas in the Magallanes Region.

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Public Transport:

Santiago boasts an extensive public transportation network that comprises six subway lines, over 6,700 bus routes, and an abundance of affordable taxis that provide comprehensive coverage throughout the city. The subway system, known as Metro, is renowned for its safety, efficiency, and rapidity. Metro tickets can be conveniently purchased at subway stations, while the “Bip Card,” an intelligent payment card that can be preloaded with funds, offers an alternative payment method for both subway and bus rides. With a fare of approximately $1USD per trip, the Bip Card is a convenient and cost-effective option for travelers seeking to explore Santiago’s many attractions.