Other activities

Activities developed within the context of A TVET Week, An International Collaboration: Chile, Nigeria and Sweden. The activities cover diverse aspects of Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

  1. Meeting with INACAP’s community
    Location: INACAP Campuses
  2. Meeting with Universidad de Chile’s SISIB Department
    Location: Visit to three different libraries within Santiago, Chile
  3. Workshop: From academic postulation to practice
    Location: Faculty of Education — Universidad de Talca (Linares)


Meeting with INACAP’s community

Dr. Ugochukwu Chinonso Okolie, Department of Vocational and Technical Education, Alex Ekwueme, Federal University, Ndufu-Alike (Ebonyi State, Nigeria)

Dr. Chinonso’s research interests include learning for work placement, development of critical thinking skills within the TVET system and TVET development in developing world contexts. Dr. Chinonso’s experience and work is of special value for the Chilean context given that it presents a reality that is, for lack of a better expression, not a reality within Chile: Nigeria’s TVET has been argued to be too academically focused and, furthermore, extends into the master’s and doctoral degree level.

Meeting the Universidad de Chile’s SISIB Department

Dr. Ola Pilerot, The Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Högskolan i Borås (Borås, Sweden)

Dr. Pilerot has ample experience within the field of information practices and digital cultures. More specifically, his research is aimed at better comprehending issues related to information practices of librarians, library users, refugees and immigrants as well as exploring Chile’s Technical Vocational Education and Training system.

Workshop: From Postulation to Practice

Location: Faculty of Education — Universidad de Talca (Linares)

This workshop consists of activities between the colloquium presenters, students, teachers and other interested members. The aim of this activity is to find paths to enact what was presented during the colloquium into the day-to-day activities of schools’ communities. The workshops will conclude with the drafting of a series of practice briefs and the recording and publication of three podcasts.