Workshop 1+6

Astronomy, Astronomical Instrumentation, Microsatellites & Space Imaging

20221121 version


 Tue 29 Nov 2022

08:00-09:00 — online session 1: Opening & New observing capabilities in astronomy (1)

08:00-08:05 Kotaro Kohno (UTokyo) Opening remarks

08:05-08:20 Noriyuki Matsunaga* (UTokyo) “The near-infrared spectrograph, WINERED, starting observations at Las Campanas Observatory” [remote talk from Japan]

08:20-08:35 Alvaro Gonzalez* (NAOJ) “EA ALMA Development and synergy with other telescopes and future plans” [remote talk from Japan]

08:45-09:00 Boarding special buses from Puerto Varas to Puerto Montt (45 min)

10:00-12:15 — session 2: Time-domain astronomy (1)

10:00-10:15 Dante Minniti* (UNAB) “The VVVX Near-IR Survey of the Southern Milky Way”

10:15-10:30 Nobuyuki Kawai (Tokyo Institute of Technology) “High precision optical photometry of high-mass X-ray binaries using TESS”

10:30-10:45 Keiichi Ohnaka (UNAB) “Multiwavelength view of the complex atmosphere of cool evolved stars with VLTI and ALMA”

10:45-11:00 Mamoru Doi (UTokyo) “Time Domain Astronomy with Tomo-e Gozen Camera — a wide-field CMOS imager on the Kiso Schmidt telescope”

11:00-11:15 Jin Beniyama (UTokyo), “Quick Follow-up Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids”

11:15-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45-12:00 Patricio Rojo (UChile) “Planetary Atmospheres through Eclipses: the cases of Earth’s Antarctica and Jupiter’s Io”

12:00-12:15 Ricardo Finger Camus (UChile) “The Astronomical Radio Transients Experiment (ARTE) at Cerro Calán”

12:15 -13:00 — session 3: Active galactic nuclei

12:15-12:30 Taiki Kawamuro (RIKEN) “Tight Relation between X-ray and Millimeter Emission in Nearby AGNs Revealed by ALMA”
12:30-12:45 Shoichiro Mizukoshi (UTokyo): “Measurement of AGN dust extinction based on the near-infrared flux variability of WISE data”
12:45-13:00 Claudio Ricci (UDP) “The circumnuclear environment of Active Galactic Nuclei”

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-14:15 Walter Max-Moerbeck (UChile) “High Energy Emission Mechanisms in Blazars through Multiwavelength Variability”

14:15-16:15 — session 4: Evolution of galaxies and cosmology (1)

14:15-14:30 Felipe Barrientos (PUC) “Lyman Alpha galaxies at the epoch of recombination: LAGER”

14:30-14:45 Rikako Ishimoto (UTokyo) “Physical origin of the spatially inhomogeneous progress of the cosmic reionization”

14:45-15:00 Takehiro Yoshioka (UTokyo) “Predict Lyα Emission Lines from Distant Galaxies with Machine Learning Technique”

15:00-15:15 Yoshihiro Takeda (UTokyo) “Hunting for Protoclusters by Deep Learning”

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-16:00 Seiji Fujimoto* (UT Austin) “ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey (ALCS): Deep 1.2-mm Number counts and Infrared Luminosity Function at z~1-8” [remote talk from Austin, USA]

16:00-16:15 Jorge González-López (Carnegie Institution) “Resolving the ISM of high-z galaxies and its connection with the CGM”

16:15-16:45 Discussion

16:45-17:00 Boarding special buses from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas (45 min)

Wed 30 Nov 2022

08:00-08:30  — online session 5: Evolution of galaxies and cosmology (2)

08:00-08:15 Ikki Mitsuhashi* (UTokyo/NAOJ) “CRISTAL: Resolved dust emission of UV-selected normal star-forming galaxies at z=4-6” [remote talk from Japan]

08:15-08:30 Akiyoshi Tsujita* (UTokyo) “Central concentration of warm and dense molecular gas in a strongly lensed submillimeter galaxy at z=6” [remote talk from Japan]

10:00-11:20 — session 6: Space technology and science

10:00-10:20 Satoshi Ikari* (UTokyo) “Advanced micro-satellite development with the high-fidelity open-source numerical simulation environment”

10:20-10:40 Marcos Díaz (UChile) “Nanosatellite Activities at the University of Chile: Past, Present, and Future”

10:40-11:00 Shinichi Nakasuka* (UTokyo) “Micro/nano-satellite recent applications to space science, Earth observation and business”

11:00-11:20 Jaime Ortega (UChile) “Copernicus Satellite program and applications of geospatial information for Earth observation, mining, water resources and climate change” — CANCELLED

11:20-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45 -14:15 — session 7: Time-domain science (2)

11:45-12:01  Guillermo Cabrera-Vives (UdeC) “ALeRCE: much more than building a Machine Learning model”

12:01-12:08  Javier Silva (UChile) “Inferring physical parameters from type II SNe LCs”

12:08-12:15  Cristóbal Donoso (UdeC) “ASTRONOMER: A transformer-based embedding for the representation of light curves”

12:15-12:30 Alejandra Muñoz Arancibia (MAS/CMM) “A first young supernova study enabled by ALeRCE”

12:30-12:45 Anjasha Gangopadhyay (Hiroshima Univ.) “Interacting supernovae: Present, and future with Chilean telescopes”

12:45-13:00 Avinash Singh (Hiroshima Univ.) “Applications of Machine Learning in Time-Domain Astronomy in the Era of Big Data”

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-14:15 Takashi Moriya (NAOJ) “Supernova model library for the Rubin/LSST era”

14:15-14:45 — session 8: Interstellar medium in Milky Way and Magellanic clouds

14:15-14:30 Seiichi Sakamoto* (NAOJ/UTokyo) “Physical and Chemical Properties of Galactic Molecular Gas toward QSO J1851+0035”

14:30-14:45 Monica Rubio (UChile) “The Cold Dense Interstellar Medium in the Magellanic Clouds”

14:45-16:45 — session 9: New observing capabilities in astronomy (2)

14:45-15:00 Yoshiharu Asaki (NAOJ/JAO) “Commissioning of high frequency long baseline observations with ALMA”

15:00-15:15 Kazushige Ohtawara (NAOJ) “ALMA’s cryocooler and its maintenance support by NAOJ”

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break

15:45-16:05 Leonardo Vanzi (PUC) “High-resolution spectroscopy at the AIUC”

16:05-16:20 Tetsuhiro Minamidani (NAOJ) “ASTE: A Japanese Pathfinder to ALMA and Beyond”

16:20-16:35 Kotaro Kohno (UTokyo) “Integrated superconducting spectrometers for existing and future submm-wave telescopes”

16:35-16:45 discussion and summary

16:45-17:00 Moving from Workshop room to Auditorium

17:00-17:30 Forum Keynote Lecture: Camila Fernández (UdeC) “We all want to adapt: The challenges and successes of marine research in the era of climate change”

17:30-18:30 Wrap-Up & Conclusions: 10 min report from every workshop

18:30-18:45 Boarding special buses from Puerto Montt to Puerto Varas (45 min)

Workshop Participants (~36 in person, ~ 6 online)
  • UTokyo: Mamoru Doi, Shinichi Nakasuka*, Kotaro Kohno, Satoshi Ikari*, Jin Beniyama, Yoshihiro Takeda, Takehiro Yoshioka, Rikako Ishimoto, Shoichiro Mizukoshi, Noriyuki Matsunaga*, Ikki Mitsuhashi*, Akiyoshi Tsujita*
  • Hiroshima Univ.: Anjasha Gangopadhyay, Avinash Singh
  • UdeC: Guillermo Cabrera-Vives, Cristóbal Donoso
  • PUC: Felipe Barrientos, Leonardo Vanzi
  • UChile: Patricio Rojo, Mónica Rubio, Marcos Díaz, Ricardo Finger Camus, Walter Max-Moerbeck
  • UNAB: Dante Minniti*, Raya Dastidar, Keiichi Ohnaka
  • UDP: Claudio Ricci
  • ULagos: Rigoberto Medina
  • Carnegie Institution: Jorge González-López
  • MAS/CMM: Alejandra Muñoz Arancibia
  • NAOJ: Seiichi Sakamoto*, Yoshiharu Asaki, Tetsuhiro Minamidani, Takashi Moriya, Kazushige Ohtawara, Álvaro González*
  • Tokyo Institute of Tech.: Nobuyuki Kawai
  • RIKEN: Taiki Iwamuro
  • UT Austin: Seiji Fujimoto*

* remote online participation

  • UTokyo = The University of Tokyo
  • UChile = Universidad de Chile
  • PUC = Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
  • UdeC = Universidad de Concepción
  • ULagos = Universidad de Los Lagos
  • UDP = Universidad Diego Portales
  • UNAB = Universidad Nacional Andrés Bello
  • NAOJ = National Astronomy Observatory of Japan
  • RIKEN = Research Institute in Japan
  • UT Austin = University of Texas in Austin
20:00-23:00 Conference Dinner at Hotel Cabaña del Lago (Club House)

<all the forum participants>

Thu 01 Dec 2022

Forum Fieldtrip to Termas del Sol, Seno de Reloncaví

<all the forum participants>

~ beautiful 3 hour trip through a native flora scenic route via Ensenada and Cochamó

08:00 departure time from Hotel Cabaña del Lago, Puerto Varas

20:00 return time to Hotel Cabaña del Lago, Puerto Varas

Fri 02 Dec 2022

Optional tours (pick one):

1) Volcán Osorno     2) Saltos de Petrohué

1. Volcán Osorno optional tour

*** UPDATE: This optional tour was cancelled .

2. Saltos de Petrohué optional tour

*** UPDATE: This optional tour was cancelled.